About us

Sean Hide started Hens Idea in 2008 by launching the Grow A Tree starter pack. A few months past, and schools approached him to create a lesson around growing a tree seed. In 2009, Brooklyn primary was the first school and he has since been to more than 80+ schools encouraging more than 60 000 kids to grow indigenous tree seeds.

Our Vision

Grow Group wood like a million people to grow a tree seed, eventually planting the tree in the ground. We started recording all the Co-ordinates of planted trees in 2010 and soon we’ll launch the tree map.  This tool will help you view your tree on Google Earth and hopefully you’ll be able to view the time lapse over the years as too how the tree grew.


We are also striving to include the good practice of growing a tree seed in the school education system. Imagine if every Grade 1 learner would grow a tree seed, plant it in grade 2 and by the end of their school career have a decent size tree to call their own.

Every Idea is like a seed.


After having 3 Gap years in England, Sean was eager to start his own business when he came back home. The young entrepreneur was full of ideas and had very little seed capital to start with. After months of doing some odd jobs, he had an epiphany, while sitting in a hammock, under a tree.


“Let me start a tree nursery? But I don’t have the land” he thought to himself. That lead to the thought “How about getting people to grow their own tree from seed at home.” That Idea germinated and the first concept was called the GROW A TREE starter pack. In 2012 Sean partook in a SABC 3 reality TV show called BIG break legacy. By Spring 2017, Grow Group with all its tree concepts, have disTREEbuted more than 750 000 seeds. 


Has every seed grown, probably not, but the seed has given the grower a sense of hope. We stand by our GarenTREE, and we will send you more seeds should the original ones not grow.

Events & Workshops

Sign up your school today so that Grow Group can motivate kids to grow indigenous tree seeds.


Each child will receive a grow kit to take home, which encourages your kids to grow trees for years to come. The lesson begins with growing a tree seed, soon after 9 months of patience, persistence and participation; the child plants their baby tree in the ground. To top it off, we ask you to send us the trees co-ordinates. This is how you can become part of the million-tree campaign! Its Grow Groups plan to save Earth.

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