Southern Africa has more than 2100 indigenous tree species, sub species and varieties.  From this huge list we have hand picked tree seeds that are best to grow in your home on a semi-sunny spot. Seeds are generally easy to grow, and with a bit of patience they should germinate. Here is our current list of tree seeds we have in our seed bank. This list will update on a seasonal basis.

Wild olive
Olea europaea subsp. Africana

This evergreen tree is native from Cape of Good Hope to the Mediterranean sea. It is a small (5m) to Medium size (18m) tree.  Attracts many birds species when fruiting.

Tree wisteria
Bolusanthus speciosus

A small (8m) semi deciduous with pale blue to violet flowers in spring..Known by some as the South African Jacaranda, it is a perfect tree to plant in the highveld and bushveld region.

Buffalo thorn
Ziziphus mucronata

A sacred African tree, with deep cultural heritage. It is an evergreen, small (4m) to medium (12m) size tree.  The edible fruit is also for life stock grazing. This three has an invasive root system.

Monkey thorn
Acacia galpinii

This semi deciduous, medium (12m) to Large (30m) tree, can also be adapted to grow into a bonsai tree. The taproot will not disrupt paving and makes a great street side tree.  Seed will germinate in 7 days.

Baobab tree
Adansonia digitata

Well known as the upside down tree, it has a thick swollen trunk. Some scientists think that they grow for more than 2000 years.  This tree can also be grown into a bonsai specious.

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